Rekka's has undergone a Valentine's day makeover. See Robert Plant in a studio session(1969) playing his guitar? Yes. Robert Plant kicketh ass. Go Roby Go.
The stuff that is published on this site are all Rekka's opinions. Freespeech for all!
Rekka's Spotlight:
Useless Movie Quote of the Day: "I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner."-Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs

You. Yes you. After talking to my cousin today, I've decided to say this: IF YOU WEAR AMBERCROMBIE AND FITCH AND LISTEN TO THE N*SUCK AND THE BRITNEY SPEARS YOU ARE NOTIN THE LEAST BIT BEING ORIGINAL. I believe myself to be an original (an original who questions everything(I'ma damn cynic too.) with a bit of philosophy yes.)who tries to find the deeper meaning in things.
You know you're a Rocky Fan If/When
*1001 Reasons why the World is going to hell.
*Wisdom- A speech I wrote. Yes I did write it.
*Rocky Script-The script to THE cult movie of ALL TIME
*Shock Treatment Script-Something that took me a rather long time to do.
*My Rave Page-I wasn;t in a good mood the other day
*Pissed Off Page-Stuff and people I hate
*Heavy Metal Poisoning-My interpretation of the song 'Heavy Metal Poisoning' by Styx.
*Famous Quotes-Quotes from Famous People.(Technically that's anyone more famous than me quoting.)
*My Little Dragon Story-I was very bored one day, so I worte a little story about dragons.
*Labyrinth-The Labyrinth script

Any way, I (web mistress Rekka) command you to go to it and join it. Feel the power of the dragons drawing you it it. Go. And visit the site By clicking on the pic below.

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